Sunday, January 7, 2018

The fur coat

Hello loves and Happy New Year!

With the New Year, may you all realize your fondest dreams and take the time to recognize and enjoy each and every blessing in your lives…Love is the key word so put love in everything you do in your life!

My first style advice for the year (which is also my motto) is to be your own fashion guru! Style comes from within and from knowing who you are and who you want to be! Don’t try to be someone else! Style is a personal thing! No rules, no seasons, no heard to follow! Don’t just go crazy for the trends! Embrace a trend that you like and own it! Wear it differently that expected and put your signature in your outfits! Not everyone should like your style! But it should inspire those who do!

And remember! Fashion is not about perfection! Perfection is over-rated! Fashion is about feeling good with how you look and finding your path in style!

Cheers to a lovely, healthy and stylish new year!

Love you!

Coat and shoes: ZARA
Cardigan: Vintage

Till the next one...