Monday, June 25, 2018

Green on green

As I was saving this blog in my folders under the name “green skirt”, a couple of more suggested saved blogs came up under the same first word. That’s when it hit me!! Oh my, I do like my green outfits don’t I”? Guilty as charged. My mom’s favorite color is apparently becoming my fave as well.  Why not? Physically easy on the eye and found abundantly in nature, green is ruling!
This “Kermit Green” (as described in Glamour) skirt I bought at a vintage store recently is the shade that is currently manifesting!
As per my top, it combines the color with the floral trend. Too much green? Nah!!! What do I keep telling you? If you like it, wear it!
Details for today’s look are my new obsession. Goldish color, “ancient Greek” style accessories featuring coins and hoops.
And of course, handmade string shopper bag (also handmade) in sand color!

You can find more of them on the following links:


Skirt: Vintage
Top: H&M
Earrings, pedant and bag:

Till the next one...