Friday, April 24, 2015

Cropped culottes

I am guessing that by now you must know that you must absolutely have a pair of culottes in your wardrobe right?? Why? Because they are the IT piece and because it looks so stylish! Don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the culotte’s pool! Ok, so you might think that you have to be at least 2m high to wear them successfully but this is not true! They look great on most women! You can wear them with heels or sneakers and be equally stylish! Just be a little careful if you are planning on wearing them with ankle boots. It might be the only case when height does matter a little because it will make your legs look shorter!

And while they look great worn with a simple top during the summer, they also work well with a snuggly sweater during winter!

So go out there and get yourself a pair. There are so many versions of these cropped wide leg pants! I am currently loving the denim version I found in Zara Paris!

Denim Culottes: Zara Paris
Heels: Zara Paris
Green cropped top: Victoria's Secret
Gray sweater: H&M Rome
Purse: Zara Cy
Pedant: H&M

Till the next one...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Parisian Affair

Once again I found my self in Paris!! Aawww....the city of light, romance and love! This city never fails to excite me. When I am there I automatically switch on to that mood when you feel like everything is so perfect and that life is a movie where nothing can go wrong...

How can you not feel like this when whenever you go, the beauty of the city is right there in front of you! Even in the smallest things!
It brings out the romance in me!And I assure you that my sense or romanticism is well hidden! It takes a beautiful day in Paris like this one to bring it out....

The city was exceptionally sunny this time. However, in the morning it was chilly enough to make me want to wear my favorite fluffy cardigan! Hand made by my AMAZING cousin Christina who can literally make anything you ask for!! I just looooove it. Thank you cuz! Even the professional photo shooting team that was taking photos of a (I suppose) famous woman right next to us gave my cardigan some good looks!!

Let me take you there with me through my photos and Indila's song....

Fluffy Cardigan: Hand made by Christina
Sweat Pants: ZARA
Shoes: H&M
Shades: DIOR

Till the next one...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tailored peg trousers

Hello my loves!

Since the weather cannot make up its mind, I decided that today’s outfit would cover all seasons! Long sleeve top, Spring trousers and Summer sandals! I like mixing different seasonal items as long as they look good in my eyes!

I bought these tailored peg trousers recently dreaming that I would be wearing them with my tank tops and strappy sandals looking all tanned and glowing! But since it is still chilly to be wearing skimpy tops, I decided to try it with my long sleeve cropped top. And surprisingly I loved it! I love cropped tops in general this season and the combination with the high waisted trousers was something I gladly adopted!

The color of the trousers (khaki-yellowish) is one of my favorite colors. In the Summer I would wear it with light gray,baby-blue or white tops and colorful sandals!

Because of its balloon-style which already adds some centimeters to your hips, if you don’t like cropped tops, I would suggest to wear it with a fitted top that goes in the trousers and which will show your waist and your figure. 

Trousers: ZARA Athens
Shoes: River Island Amsterdam
Cropped top: H&M
Purse: San Lorenzo Florence
Shades: Topshop
Rings: H&M

Till the next one...