Thursday, August 31, 2017

The long shirt dress

Hello loves!

Today I was thinking about fashion and style. We all have our role models and our inspiration sources but when it comes to personal style I can't help but think the struggle between inspiration and imitation. In a world where fashion is one of the most profitable industries the brands are in a constant “war” as to who will launch the best collection (which changes rapidly- a smart policy to feed the never-ending need to renew our wardrobe) . Ok, so most people would agree that rarely any of us will reinvent the “wheel” of fashion. But what defines style after all? For me, one of the many definitions of style, is the ability to wear a piece in such a way that other people will say “why didn’t I think about it”? It could be a very simple and basic piece but with your personal interference in the slightest details, it becomes “yours”. Like a shirt worn backwards, or a skirt tied up on the side, or a shirt dress pulled to an “off the shoulder” style. Unlimited options.

Don’t go with the flow. Be your own inspiration. Somewhere in between our hectic days and relaxing nights, or our fashion crushes and the “can’t be bothered” moods, there is always room for innovation.

P.S Special thanks to Mrs. Elpida for the amazing handmade purse. I love it!!

Dress: Zara 
Shoes: H&M 
Purse: Handmade

Till the next one...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lady in red

Red is a color that’s definitely associated with love! Whenever we want to express love or lust, we send red hearts, red flowers, chocolate wrapped in red, red underwear, red cards! What is it about red that makes it so….lovable? Studies say that this is an effect that stems from biology. When females (from chimpanzees to baboons) become fertile, their estrogen levels peak opening up their blood vessels turning their faces bright red. The flushed complexion gives the male the signal that it’s time to make the move!

The same could be true for humans! A red dress always muddles men’s minds. And women have been using this effect for centuries to draw male attention. Red is indeed a very powerful color and according to British Vogue , it demands a fearless no-makeup approach so avoid wearing bright lipstick or too much makeup in general.

When it comes to accessorizing with red, I prefer goldish tones.

So, woman in red for today…..

Dress: ZARA Cyprus
Purse: Mykonos
Shoes: Topshop
Earrings: Vintage 

Till the next one...