Saturday, August 12, 2017

Color games

Well hello there again!

What do we all want in life? We are just trying to find some color in a black and white world. Well, if you are searching for color inspiration, just go to Greek islands! Every time I am there, it’s like a color game for me! You can’t go wrong with any color you choose because the white and blue of the Cycladic islands is so amazing that whatever you wear stands out! As a summer girl, for me summer = colors = happiness!!!
However, I went through a period that I hated pink! I wouldn’t be seen dead in it! I thought it was wayyy too “girlie” and fake. But since we should never say never I came to realize that it’s all in the combination!
And one color that I love with pink is red! It might sound weird as a combination since they are both quite intense and bright colors but somehow I love the result. Especially on tanned skin and with the blue and white of the island as a background.
As a paper bag waist trousers lover, I found this bright pink in Zara during sales and I had to take it with me to the islands!
And speaking of islands, the photos were taken in Paros, specifically in Naousa and I have to tell you that I fell in love with every corner of it! Let my post song (which is a little different today J ) take you there….


Trousers and top: ZARA

Till the next one...