Monday, August 7, 2017

Plunging neckline

Aloha sweeties!

So...I’m not a conservative dresser. I mean I have my share of short skirts and cropped tops! However, there was one kind of style I was always a little…uncomfortable wearing. And that’s the deep plunge. I loved seeing it on other women but I was always a little worried about wearing it. Maybe the thought of a “wrong move” that would reveal parts of my body not supposed to be revealed was a bit terrifying (deep plunge calls for braless usually).  After some serious observation I was now sure that deep plunge and big breasts equals tacky! So girls with smaller breasts are more likely to pull off that style without the risk of looking….erm….kitsch?
Wanting to overcome my “fear”, I ordered a dress from ASOS which I really liked and I hoped for the best. My initial reaction was “ok, I’m probably never wearing this” but on a second thought, I decided to try it on with a discreet bra, or why not, a bikini top! Bikini tops are less “threatening” than bras (even though some bras are really cute and can be passed for bikini tops). And as I said many times before, island life forgives a little bit of experimenting!

TIP: If you go for the deep plunging neckline, choose a dress/top with long sleeves. It looks more classy in my opinion!

Eye rolling? Hmmm....what did I see?

Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Forever 21
Bikini top: H&M
Earrings: Monastiraki Athens

Till the next one...