Friday, July 21, 2017

Wedding Bells

They say that women generally (and not absolutely), dream of their wedding day ever since they are little girls. I was never one of those girls. I didn't have any fantasies about that day and I had never dreamt of how my wedding or wedding dress would be. But there comes a time when you find yourself scouting for the perfect location, thinking of the perfect dress and organizing the day which is meant to be one of the most important and beautiful days of your life!

All the attention will be on you! The cameras will be snapping as the smiles abound and in every turn there is a memory being captured. Your beloved people will be watching your every step and your closest friends will be there to celebrate with you the most important party of your life. How can you not want everything to be beautiful? Automatically you find yourself searching for the perfect venue, the perfect wedding favors, the perfect dress…This will be YOUR day and you want to make it special!

Despite the excitement and the “pressure” of having to organize a wedding, I managed to keep calm (a little too calm I would say since we are both ‘last-minute” people and we only decided to plan the wedding 3 months ahead).

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew what I DIDN’T want. I didn’t want one of those typical weddings in a ballroom. Being a lover of Italy and of the Tuscan style, I wanted to have the wedding outside and preferably in the country mountains. After visiting many places I finally found the place which was THE one. A beautiful stone built boutique hotel in the mountains of Marathasa. The minute we saw Aristotelio Boutique Hotel in Pedoulas, we knew we wanted to get married there. Areti (the owner) made us feel confident that everything would be well taken care of and that she would do what we needed to have the wedding we wanted. And I am glad we trusted her! Her and her family did a great job in delivering the wedding as we had imagined it.

Now that the venue and church were decided, I had 1 ½ months to find THE dress. At that point I started getting stressed (it was about time I felt the stress of a wedding). That of course, was until I visited COMPLICE and talked with the designer, Stalo Theodorou. I fell in love with her work the minute I stepped in her atelier (and believe me  I had seen quite a few wedding dress shops before I went to her).  The amazing dresses, the delicate lace, the unique combinations of materials, the perfect way she was making the dresses….It was an easy decision. It took me 30 minutes to decide on the design. Straight lines and vintage lace. Stalo worked wonders with her magic hands. She managed to make the perfect dress for me and for that I’m grateful! I loooove it and I felt so happy wearing it! It represented me 100%.

    Many thanks to our good friend George Kleanthous for the wedding rings and New York Sweets for       the delicious brownies and wedding cake!

    Big thanks to Evi Amvrosiou “ Mi Armario” for the lovely earrings!

My beautiful vintage style dress needed an equally beautiful hairdo. That was the most difficult part for me as I’m not into those very styled-up dos so I wanted something simple and pretty and Panayiotis Assiotis Hair knew exactly what I meant! He created a romantic braid that completed my looks. Thank you Panayiotis, I loved it!

Finding a church was not difficult. We knew exactly where we wanted to get married. It was probably the only thing we knew from before we even set a date. The beautiful chapel of Panagia Theoskepasti in Kalopanagiotis captured our hearts from the moment we visited it some time ago and we promised that if we ever got married it would be there. And so we did!

And now music!!! The party was trusted to our friend Tryfonas Anastasiadis who did an amazing job in entertaining us and our guests with his vintage music and his positive energy which was all over the place. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Our beautiful flower decor was created by AGRIA ORCHIDEA FLOWERSHOP and the owner,Chara Stylianou. Thank you for putting up with me the last couple of months and for doing your best to deliver the result seen in the photos. I loved the wild flowers and thank you for your help in making our wedding so beautiful.

Of course the beautiful decoration would not be the same without some help from Christos Soleas who installed the beautiful tree lights and for creating a fairy tale atmosphere. His professionalism is worth mentioning. Thank you!!

And last but not least, big thanks to our crazy and amazing photographer Loucas Socratous for capturing our most happy moments and for making sure we remember this day in the most beautiful way possible.

Wedding rings: George Kleanthous Jewelry

Cheers to our “Happily ever after”!

Till the next one...