Monday, August 24, 2015

The little vintage dress

“When I was young it seemed that life was wonderful, a miracle…oh it was beautiful, magical….but then they sent me away, teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical. Won’t you please please tell me what we’ve learned, I know it sounds absurd, please tell me who I am…?”

Every word of this song is true… life was so much nicer and easier when we were young. No labels, no worries, no “musts”. Wasn’t that innocence the best feeling ever? Even in the simplest things….the way we dressed. We didn’t dress to impress anyone. We just wanted to feel free and comfortable to play! My mom used to take care of that. For all 3 of us (me and my 2 sisters). So what if we would end up with blue dresses and yellow shoes? (Sorry mom but you have done that!) J . However, nowadays this would have been a fashion statement!

Awww how I miss those carefree days. When I saw this dress in a vintage shop in Paris-Marais, I remembered my childhood. White, with little flowers, airy, comfortable, innocent! It was the buy of the day. For 10 euro right from the basket of my newly acquired friend who owned the vintage shop and who was kind enough to let me go through the new arrivals that were still in the boxes so that I would be the first one to pick up whatever I wanted.  

Enjoy the post birdies!

Dress: Vintage (Marais-Paris)
Purse: Handmade by Christina (contact for orders )
Hair scarf: Promode Paris
Earrings: Handmade ( contact for orders )

Till the next one...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The sarong skirt

Well well well…Hello birdies! I hope you are all doing great!

The best thing about island life is that you can wear almost anything and get away with it! You don’t have to torture your mind about your outfits! You can just wrap a sarong around you with a simple top and accessorize accordingly and voila!! No fuss!! You can’t do that in the city can you?

I love the combination of my outfit’s colors today! Both warm and pastel, they make a nice contrast with my tan and golden accessories.

I chose a white x-large handmade purse (my favorite this summer) which is perfect for my walks on the island. Plus, you can fit anything in there!! Look at the size of it!

 It’s getting late and I’m sleepy. And I have to wake up early for the beach tomorrow!

Goodnight birdies :-)

Peach sarong: UTERQUE
Top: H&M
Purse: Handmade by Christina (contact me for orders )
Short necklace: Indian Shop
Long necklace: H&M
Arm cuff: Monastiraki flee market-Athens
Ankle chain: Mykonos

Till the next one...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The wetsuit

Hello my friends! I hope you all had a nice 15th of August day! In Cyprus “unfortunately” most people feel like Summer is over right after the 15th of August! (For my foreigner friends, the 15th of August is one of the biggest religious holidays for Greeks and it commemorates the Assumption Day of Virgin Mary).  This is soooo frustrating! We still have another 2 months of really warm and “beach” weather! But somehow, for most people it represents the end of summer. Well not for me!! I will keep going to the beach at least until the end of October.

If you think that it might be cold by then, here is an option! Why don’t you try the long sleeve swimsuit? Weird ha?? I know! I thought so too when I bought this one-piece long sleeve suit but it was too special not to have! The truth is that it is not very convenient to wear on a really hot day. It sticks on your skin and you cannot move easily. Let alone the tanning process… Unless you are a surfer or water sport lover! In this case it can serve as a wetsuit because of its insulation properties.

But oh well, I was positive that I would have the opportunity to wear it at some point! And here it is! On a windy afternoon in Mykonos, it seemed like the perfect option!

I loved the neon color block pattern and the golden zip!

As for today’s song, enjoy Puerto Rico with Vaya Con Dios and let me take you there with me…

Wetsuit: H&M
Hat: C&A Vienna
Sharong: H&M
Beach bag: IKEA

Till the next one...