Sunday, August 16, 2015

The wetsuit

Hello my friends! I hope you all had a nice 15th of August day! In Cyprus “unfortunately” most people feel like Summer is over right after the 15th of August! (For my foreigner friends, the 15th of August is one of the biggest religious holidays for Greeks and it commemorates the Assumption Day of Virgin Mary).  This is soooo frustrating! We still have another 2 months of really warm and “beach” weather! But somehow, for most people it represents the end of summer. Well not for me!! I will keep going to the beach at least until the end of October.

If you think that it might be cold by then, here is an option! Why don’t you try the long sleeve swimsuit? Weird ha?? I know! I thought so too when I bought this one-piece long sleeve suit but it was too special not to have! The truth is that it is not very convenient to wear on a really hot day. It sticks on your skin and you cannot move easily. Let alone the tanning process… Unless you are a surfer or water sport lover! In this case it can serve as a wetsuit because of its insulation properties.

But oh well, I was positive that I would have the opportunity to wear it at some point! And here it is! On a windy afternoon in Mykonos, it seemed like the perfect option!

I loved the neon color block pattern and the golden zip!

As for today’s song, enjoy Puerto Rico with Vaya Con Dios and let me take you there with me…

Wetsuit: H&M
Hat: C&A Vienna
Sharong: H&M
Beach bag: IKEA

Till the next one...