My Style

And yes!! Here comes my very first post on the blog! Wow, I am finally finding the time to work on something I’ve been planning for a long time now…I feel a little nervous, it’s true! But I’m so excited that I have finally started this fashion blog and I’m even more excited that my first post is related to my other big love! Travelling!
 Ok, let’s face it…Travelling for 17 days is not the easiest thing when it comes to picking your outfits for the trip. Especially when you are on a business trip with loooots of walking, touring and sightseeing! (Not to mention the cold weather)!
Your clothes must be comfortable and your SHOES even more!
But what happens if you want to remain stylish?
How many and what kind of outfits do you need? How is the weather going to be like? How many purses shall I take? And most importantly, HOW many pairs of shoes do I take with me?
I was in such a situation a few days ago during a business trip to Central Europe. And while I advised my group to pack lightly, ermmmm, I didn't quite do the same. But, I am proud to say that I managed to take fewer clothes than I usually take with me (and also I managed to come back with even more than ever before but oh well….).
And while I managed to keep my clothes comfortable while working, I kept a little bit of glamour during my free time.
Just 2 pairs of basic heels (Beige and black), a pair of black sneakers, and the all time classic white allstars (they don’t take up much space!!) And of course the rest of the new “babies” I bought on the trip. But those don’t count, do they????
So here I am, initiating a series of posts during my travels to Central Europe.
I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did J

Day 1: Berlin

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Zara Rome
Leather jacket: BEAYUKMUI /Italy
Purse: Lancel
Rings: H&M