Friday, May 16, 2014


Hello! Did you miss me? It’s only been a day! And that’s because I have all the posts ready! The new ones will be taking some more time. Especially this period! I will be so busy at work I won’t have time to think!
But I’m here today after a loooong and difficult day. Is it getting hotter or is it just me?
That reminds me that I need to get a tan soon. I can’t wear my summer dresses looking like Casper the friendly ghost!  Hopefully this weekend I’ll catch some sun rays because as of next week, my own mom will have to make an appointment to see me! So many things that need to be done and so little time!
Ommmmmm…… stress…..ommmmmm

By the way, my “express” meditation above gave me an idea! My next post will be about meditation and stress free/positive thinking! Hopefully my beloved friend Elina will help me on this one since she is an expert in meditation J

So, continuing on with my trip! After leaving Strasbourg (it was about time), our next destination was Belgium.  But somewhere along the way, we made a brief stop in Luxembourg! We only spent a couple of hours there. Everything was still closed because of Easter Monday, but there was an amazing flea market going on along the street in the city center! I love flea markets. You can find all sorts of hidden treasures! Especially the vintage or handmade jewels are my favorite! I can stay there for hours!
My gift from there was a really nice bracelet with my name engraved on. It was a precious gift of sentimental value, which unfortunately I managed to loose somewhere in Amsterdam later on…I was going around like crazy trying to find it but it was nowhere to be seen…oh well…. L

I didn’t take many pictures there to be honest. But they are enough to bring back memories of that day when I go through them.

Coming up!

Gotta go now. I’m getting hungry!

Enjoy the song as well....


Till the next one.....