Monday, May 12, 2014

Strasbourg...the coffee issue!

Monday today… I hate Mondays… Don’t we all? Especially the busy ones!

In that mood I chose the song that accompanies my post today, “Je ne veux pas travailler” (I don’t want to work). Hit play and enjoy!

Anyway, writing on my blog is my relaxation time so I’m not going to be moody!
As I was looking at my new post’s photos, I realized that you really appreciate a trip after it’s over. That’s always the case with me. Every time I’m away I complain about how I miss my loved ones, the sunny weather of Cyprus, the slow-pace rhythms of our tiny island, my car (I usually miss my car after a day of being squeezed on the metro with some smelly people around me!), my comfortable sofa, my coffee!! OH MY COFFEE! I have an issue with coffees abroad. For some unknown reason, they do not have the regular black instant coffee. They have all kinds of coffees (cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, americano and some other fancy ones) but not the most simple, plain black coffee!! And no, Americano doesn't do it for me! Way too bitter.
Anyhow! As I was saying, after I come back I start missing being on the trip again and somehow my comfort zone is not so comforting any more.
So I got this nostalgic feeling while thinking of Strasbourg, my next destination. Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region in eastern France and of course the seat of the European Parliament! So far I didn't have any special feelings about this French city but this time it grew on me! I developed more loving feelings for it and I was actually sorry when it was time to leave. That’s why my next 3 posts come from Strasbourg (plus - I had free time in my hands).
 What I like the most is the old city with its UNIQUE houses! It’s like living in a dream! And of course most of my photos where taken there!

This French city won over my heart. If only they had my coffee…I could move there. By the way, in France, when you ask for a French coffee (aka filter coffee), they have NO idea whatsoever what you are talking about. Why on earth does the rest of the world call it French coffee??

Even without my daily dose of caffeine, I was fully alert and ready to conquer the city!

I put on my slip dress (I’m in love with it), and I layered on top with my grey cardigan and green bracelet-sleeve coat.

And off we goooooo!!!!!!!!!

Till the next one....