Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Strasbourg (Part 2...)

I had warned you. There are another 2 posts coming up from Strasbourg. Come on! It was Easter Sunday. All the shops were closed, what was I supposed to do? I've done the entire “sightseeing” thing a long time ago. The next best thing was to take loooots of pictures for my blog!

By lunch time I had already had 3 coffees (which I didn't enjoy) but I had the most amazing salmon fillet in my favorite restaurant. My “photographer” on the other hand, was trying to find the best substitute for “souvla” (the traditional food of Cypriots on Easter Sunday). It turned out that THERE ISN'T a substitute good enough for it. And even though I am not a huge fun of souvla, I sympathized when his tiny little (overpriced) steak arrived!

Nothing could ruin our mood! It was a beautiful day! And the amazing houses I mentioned in my previous post were even more beautiful in daylight! So colorful and happy! I just had to pick an outfit to blend in!

I was so happy that I was tempted to take a ride on the famous “Bateau Mouche” boats that take you up and down L’ill River, but then again I was never into those touristy things! Instead, we walked around Petite France (the old city) and along the river which was so perfectly reflecting the colorful houses around.

And speaking of the river, I MUST share this with you!!!! The previous night, as we were walking to find the Greek Orthodox Church by the river, we came across a “creature” which seemed like a big cat from a distance… As we got closer, we realized that it was wayyy to big to be a cat. It was kind of cute trying to eat something with both its hands. We got excited because we THOUGHT it was a cute castor (do they even have castors in Strasbourg)??  We were standing right next to it for 10 minutes admiring the cute way it was chewing on its food, only to realize that we were in fact admiring a RAT! ARE THERE RATS THAT ARE BIGGER THAN CATS?? Jesus….I couldn’t have run any faster to get out of there!!!

If you ever find yourselves in Strasbourg, watch out for them!! (and believe me! It was a rat! I am not making this up. I googled it!!)

If you are disgusted enough, we can now proceed with my photos please. Thank you!!!

Oh! And don’t forget to hit the play button above! Then you will really understand the mood I was in!

There is one more coming up soon (It sounds almost like a threat)!

Pink sweater: ZARA
Cape: H&M

Till the next one.....