Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 4: Strolling in Vienna

I was sitting in front of my computer for 15 minutes trying to remember why I have no more pictures taken in Prague. Absolutely no evidence of spending a second night there. And it suddenly hit me!  We were so exhausted that we barely made it to the Mall next door to eat something. Actually my favorite sushi place is there (how can I not remember eating my favorite sushi for a whole 15 minutes??). Actually is a “running sushi”. You just sit there while delicious plates of sushi are passing by in front of you on a rotating belt and all you need to do is pick the ones that scream EAT ME at you! And you don’t have to wait to be served. You just start munching!! DELIZIOSO!!

Didn't get much sleep that night. I guess the tiring day in combination with the 547 plates of sushi I ate, contributed in my restless sleep.
Having said all the above, no wonder why the next day in Vienna, I don’t look very happy in my photos (wow, that was quite an introduction to justify my moody look)!
However I can’t skip a post from this wonderful city in Austria where we spent the next 2 days.

Every time I arrive there, I experience a wave of positive feelings. Can’t really explain it but Vienna has a very positive impact on me! So many historical buildings, so many cultural centers, theaters, operas, name it, it’s there! The magnificent Cathedral of St. Stephen’s in Stephansplatz is really amazing.

The weather was still cold. Even colder than Prague. Which messed up with my styling plans again. It wasn't a very inspiring day for me. I just felt like wearing something warm and comfy! So I put on my gray leggings and a heart-printed cape coat (which by the way my sister Eleni gave me –thanks sis). And of course 5 or 6 layers of long sleeve tops under it!

PS. I got my smile back after spending a good 2 hours in H&M but I have no photos to prove it. You have to take my word on that!

Brace brace…..

This photo below is dedicated to my friend Despo Stylianou.She knows why:-)

 Till the next one....