Sunday, October 15, 2017

Buttons Buttons Buttons

Hi there loves!

Buttons buttons buttons everywhere!

I am mad for button detailing and I just can’t get enough of them!
My favorite version is the button through style especially on the side. Side buttons on dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, pants! Everywhere! In contrast colors or monochromes, big or small, at the front, at the back, on the side. Anywhere!
They give your outfit a whole new meaning! And here’s an idea! If you don’t like the current buttons on clothes that you already have, replace them with new ones, or better yet, add buttons on plain clothes and transform them in button through pieces!

So button up ladies! 

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Shades: ASOS

Till the next one...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Double Denim

Once again that piece we all have in our closets and that we just can’t live without. Denim! Really, have you ever wondered how many kinds of denim pieces we’ve seen around? Countless. And as if it wasn’t enough that every year they come up with new ways to wear denim, there are countless combinations we can do ourselves as well.
I think I could live on denim alone and still be able to wear totally different looks every day.
Currently loving this distressed pair from Bershka.  Double denim for today. Shirt and raw hem pants for an all over denim look.

Detail: The xxl earrings which remain a favorite piece of accessory. 

Till the next one...

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The mixing syndrome

Hey there my lovely readers!

One more post for you on the blog today!

This blog loves mix and match. If I had a scale of tricky fashion trends I would put mixing prints in the top 5. But the truth is that when it comes to mixing I do not believe in rules very much. From time to time I read articles with rules on how to mix patterns successfully. But some of the best combinations occurred by accident! If you like the result, then wear it! And when I talk about mixing I do not mean just the mixing of colors but the mixing of textures and formal-casual combinations as well. For instance, the mixing of a silky skirt with a woolen top will make your outfit more interesting and with more depth.
Do not stick to some old fashion rules that prevent you from exploring new things.
Some examples of mix and match cases are:

-You can stick to the same color but choose different patterns for each piece.
-You can keep the same pattern in 2 or more different colors. For example you can wear a brown check skirt with a green check top.
-Choose different textures such as velvet with silk or silk with wool.
-Mix small patterns with big ones.
-Mix different geometrical shapes like circles with rectangles or like in this case you can keep the same shades and mix stripes with polka dots.
-You can mix different types of floral patterns.

And so many more combinations you can think of. Try them on and if it feels good keep them.

Top, purse and trousers: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Shades: Asos

Till the next one...