Friday, March 20, 2015

The shirt-dress

Hello my friends! Today I am in a veryyyy good mood! The sun is slowly getting stronger and my heart is getting warmer. When the sun is out, I can conquer the world! Isn’t it strange how some rays can affect our mood? In the slightest hint of  sunny skies my mind goes crazy! I know that it’s probably too soon to be talking about Summer and that most probably it’s going to get all cloudy and cold again before it gets better but who cares?? Today I wanted to wear my Spring shirt-dress and my heeled sandals! And there was no one who could stop me! So what if by the end of the shooting I couldn’t feel my toes? I took my dose of sunshine!!

As for my outfit today! I am currently loving loose shirt-dresses! They are comfortable, stylish and sexy! Not much effort is needed. They are easy to wear and they are in fashion this Spring! Do not hesitate to get one in any color! Monochrome, check, floral or polka dot! Name it! I love it!

Shirt-dress: ZARA 
Shoes: My design-custom made
Purse: Suitblanco
Earrings: Handmade by Georgina Tatsi:
Mirrored shades: ASOS

Till the next one...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Never on Sunday

Greece!!Aww…Greece! I might be “married” to Italy but my “boyfriend” is Greece (and I occasionally cheat on both with Paris!!)
I’m so lucky that Greece is just an hour plane ride from Cyprus! That makes it the ideal weekend getaway!! This weekend I found myself in Athens! Walking around and doing “Greek” things! Eating gyros (oh well, the hell with my healthy diet! I am in Greece for God’s sake!), indulging in lokmades (fried dough dipped in syrup) stuffed with chocolate, having 2 hour coffees under the Parthenon in Acropolis…you know!! I am Mediterranean after all! And loving it!

A pair of leggings, boots, sleeveless blazer and leather jacket for today! And remember! You can sacrifice style for comfort occasionally…but never on Sunday!

Shiny leggings: ZARA
T-shirt: ZARA
Sleeveless blazer: SHEINSIDE
Leather Jacket-cape: BEAYUKMUI ( )
Shades: ASOS

Till the next one...