Sunday, March 15, 2015

Never on Sunday

Greece!!Aww…Greece! I might be “married” to Italy but my “boyfriend” is Greece (and I occasionally cheat on both with Paris!!)
I’m so lucky that Greece is just an hour plane ride from Cyprus! That makes it the ideal weekend getaway!! This weekend I found myself in Athens! Walking around and doing “Greek” things! Eating gyros (oh well, the hell with my healthy diet! I am in Greece for God’s sake!), indulging in lokmades (fried dough dipped in syrup) stuffed with chocolate, having 2 hour coffees under the Parthenon in Acropolis…you know!! I am Mediterranean after all! And loving it!

A pair of leggings, boots, sleeveless blazer and leather jacket for today! And remember! You can sacrifice style for comfort occasionally…but never on Sunday!

Shiny leggings: ZARA
T-shirt: ZARA
Sleeveless blazer: SHEINSIDE
Leather Jacket-cape: BEAYUKMUI ( )
Shades: ASOS

Till the next one...