Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Times and Tan Lines

Hello dolls!

I hope this post finds you on a beach enjoying your vacation while looking at the endless blue of the sea! If you are still working, I’m sure you look forward to that moment when you will be actually doing that. So in the meantime let me take you there mentally and who knows…perhaps to give you some beach look ideas!
As in the last couple of years, one piece swimsuits are still in my agenda for the beach!

As someone (I guess famous) once said: “bikini is the biggest thing since the atom bomb” but hey, one piece swimsuits as just as sexy as two pieces, spread the word!!

Ok, so as I said before they might not be the ideal option for an evenly tanned body but besides the fact that they are a stylish alternative, they offer other comforts as well! Do you feel uncomfortable with your figure but you still want to sit and enjoy the beach without worrying how flat your stomach looks? Or do you feel ready to dive into the waves or play with your dogs or try water sports without the stress of loosing your bikini top?   Then you should definitely go for a one piece swimsuit! Your worries will never “look” more stylish!

And when in doubt….wear red! So go for good times and tan lines!

Swimsuit: Forever 21
Arm band: H&M
Hat: GAP

Till the next one...