Thursday, August 18, 2016

High waist please

Ladies, it's a fact! Salty hair don't care! And that's the magic of Summer (which by the way is going by quickly making me nervous..). What do you mean that summer will come to an end eventually? I refuse to accept that! Ok, so it's August and I'm sure we have all started thinking that Fall is approaching (no way! I go to the beach until late November!!). But inevitably we have this sad feeling that sooner or later it will come to an end indeed...leaving us with a bitter sweet feeling of memories we didn't even realize we were making because we were just having fun...
But hey!! We have a long way until then so I suggest we focus on how to make those memories unforgettable! And since bikinis are like fries (you can't just have one), in my summer book, this day will be marked as "The day I wore that blue cloudy one..."

Inspired by the vintage swimmers and the pin up girls in the 40's , this high-waist blue bikini  made me feel fantastic!This style is flattering for most body types and it's an interesting alternative to the classic bikini bottoms!

Bikini top and bottom: FOREVER 21
Sarong: H&M
Anklets: Monastiraki Athens

Till the next one...