Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gangsta style!

I was in a gangster mood today! No heels, no fancy dress, just my comfortable adidas sneakers, my beanie and my coat worn in a Puff Daddy way.

Honestly, those sneakers saved my life! They are comfortable, stylish and have a hidden heel! What else can we ask for? For those days that you want to look effortlessly cool but your feet scream “no heels please’!!

Just put on your black leggings (I love the shiny version I got from Zara) , an oversized coat, your sneakers and you are ready! Because sometimes a girl needs a break!

Shiny leggings: ZARA
Sneakers: ADIDAS Rome
Coat: Bought on a trip to Hong Kong
T-Shirt: ZARA
Purse: PRIMARK Berlin
Gloves: From Austria

Till the next one...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tassel leather skirt

Hello my friends! First let me start with a comment on today’s song on the blog…Let’s never stop falling in love… Is there a better advice than this? This is the key to a happy relationship! No matter how many years you are in the relationship, find ways to fall in love with your significant other over and over again. You don’t have to do much! Just remind each other occasionally the reasons you fell in love in the first place…Drive to the beach with coffee in the car singing to your favorite songs…or have a coffee in an area of the city that you've never been before. But most importantly, respect and admire your partner.
Keep the flame burning and never stop falling in love <3

Today I wore my leather skirt (which by the way I altered. It was a plain leather skirt but I wanted to give it my character so I transformed it into a tassel one! ).  I would like to thank my friend Katerina Andriopoulou for the lovely gift!!

Since the skirt is a statement piece, I chose to wear it with a simple t-shirt and nude shoes. A blazer jacket adds a classic touch to the outfit! 

Leather skirt( with alterations)- ASOS
T-shirt- ZARA
Blazer jacket- BERSHKA
Shoes- FOREVER 21
Bracelets- H&M
Nail varnish- GOSH OH MY number: 009- Debenhams

Till the next one...