Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We love crochet!

Lower that eyebrow please! And pick up the phone to call your grandma or whoever in the family can knit!! This top is so tiny that by the time you’ve read my post, it can be knitted!! Even better…make it yourself! If you do not know how to knit, well you just found yourself a hobby for the next…hmm lifetime!

We say YES to knitted and crochet tanks and tops! Why? Because they are super cute, super stylish, super summery and even though they will keep you cool, they will…turn the heat up!
How lucky am I to have a fabulous cousin who can make me whatever I think of?? She is so talented she can make almost anything! And she made this in 1 day! Insane!
Personally I prefer this natural crochet color, but you can find yarns (or ready made) in all kinds of colors.
Tonight I felt like going beige! So I combined it with my mini beige knitted skirt (this one is ready made). This outfit is very summery and playful that you can only wear it with flat shoes unless you wear the top with more formal bottoms (like high waist trousers, or midi full skirt). But if you choose to wear it with shorts or mini skirt, then go casual!

Regarding accessorizing, when I wear tops that show off a lot of skin in the shoulders, I like wearing longer earrings to “fill” the gap between my head and my shoulders. But you might as well do that with a necklace.

TIP: Why not wear it as a bikini top as well?? If you are brave enough you can wear it alone, or like in my case, you can wear it on top of a bandeau bikini bra.  

Ps. By the way for the past couple of days I'm obsessed with this post's song. Just love it!

Crochet top and earrings: Handmade (for orders send 

Skirt: Stefanel

Till the next one