Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet Brussels

Sunday today….I don’t like Sundays….never did! I don’t know but there is something about them that makes me sad. I think most people share the same feeling with me. Maybe it’s the fact that we know it’s the last day of the weekend and that the next day we have to go to work again. And we feel like we “have” to do something fun because time is running up!

For me Sundays are supposed to be taken easy. We don’t have to do something! We don’t have to do anything actually. Ok, I have to admit that during Summer ALL my Sundays are dedicated to the beach. But in general if the beach is not an option yet, the next best thing is to sit outside (I have THE most amazing view from my balcony) and enjoy a cup of coffee…or two and just listen to some music while you do ABSOLUTELY nothing (maybe some dance moves occasionally)!

I am currently in this mood so I felt like sharing it with you, along with a new post as a continuation of my journey posts.

Last time I talked to you I was still in Luxembourg having lunch. Our next drive was to Belgium (Leuven) where we spent only one evening. We always arrive there rather late and tired. That was the case again this time so we had a quick dinner and then straight to sleep as the next day we were continuing on to Brussels.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has one of the most beautiful historical Squares! The famous Grand Place (UNESCO World Heritage site)!

After visiting the Parlamentarioum (Visitor's center of the European Parliament)  we had a few hours to enjoy the city and of course to shop!
But I love Brussels for 2 reasons!! First because I can find 2 of my favorite sweets there! The famous "marron glace" :

and the delicious-melt-in-your-mouth "pain d'epices"

The second reason I love Brussels is shallower but still makes my heart beat fast! It's the only place on this trip (that I know of) that has a "NEW LOOK" store. Those of you who know it, know what I'm talking about!

A trip to New Look always fills my heart and empties my card!

So, if you are at home, hit "play" button above, turn the volume up and show your neighbors your best moves!


That's my reaction to shoes!

My definition of Heaven...

Leggings: Calzedonia
Khaki Vest: ZARA

Till the next one.....