Monday, May 26, 2014

It's all in the hat!

2nd day in Paris and I was already feeling so…. Parisian!! Just walking around the streets of Paris, listening to people talk in French, watching the so classy-ladies walking their dogs in the parks and the city itself, is enough to make you feel like you belong there!
It’s like staring in a movie and everything around you is so magical!

So that was my perfect chance to put on my favorite veiled beanie (which I wanted to wear in a long time, but it didn't quite feel right in Cyprus)!
Today’s itinerary included a lot of shopping and a lot of walking! So even though I was wearing my fancy hat, I combined it with my comfortable jeans and of course my sneakers (I barely took them off on this trip)!!

Enjoy with the lovely song I picked for today's post!

Till the next one....