Monday, May 19, 2014

Red Lights on!

Dear weather:

I can’t take it any more. Please make up your mind. Go to your Settings › Display › Sun › Closer › Summer › Apply.

I can’t change clothes 3 times a day just because of your mood swings!
Midday - Hot!
Evening- Freezing

Please grow up!

Sincerely yours,


And all this time I have been complaining about the weather during my trip! At least there I knew it was cold and that it wasn't going to change so I was dressing accordingly! (so to speak)!


So my next stop as you could probably tell from the title was Amsterdam!
The capital city of Netherlands and one of the most interesting destinations of my trip! Beautiful canals and pretty buildings comprise the center of the city. The city of tulips, Van Gogh, Anna Frank AND bikes! My God! Hundreds of thousands of bikes! I almost got run over by them countless times! At least that was the case the first times I was going there. Now I've learned to recognize the sound of their ringers thank God and I'm out of their way!

Of course as we all know, Amsterdam is known for a couple of more reasons but that’s another story!

I’ll just tell you this: It’s the only place where “window shopping” has a whole new meaning!

But of course the famous Red light District is a must-see while there. So on our first night there I put on my red skirt (to match the colors of the area!!) and off we go!!!

Skirt: Vintage
Black top: H&M 
Grey cardigan:
Shoes: Zara Rome

Till the next one...