Sunday, May 11, 2014

Salzburg (Part 2..)

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Second day in Salzburg. Let me go through my checklist real fast:

Weather: Sunny
Scenery: Amazing
Mood: Playful
Inspiration: Full
Camera: On


My plans today involved hiking up the hill to the castle, shopping and many many coffees!

I really felt like wearing my heels today but since hiking was on the itinerary, I took my sneakers with me for a quick change!
The way from our hotel to the center, was through some amazing gardens! The famous Mirabel Palace (UNESCO World Heritage site)!
There was no doubt that this would be my next post’s first location! The colorful flowers were in full bloom and in perfect coordination with my playful mood!

My amazing and patient “photographer” made sure I posed in front of every single flower/statue/ fountain there was!! I was all over the place!
After spending an hour there, we decided to move on to the historical center and finally to the Castle. Of course on the way there, we stopped in every little corner of every little street we walked through! There were too beautiful to skip! (thank God we had 3 memory cards for the camera with us!).

In general, I am not a romantic person at all (with the classic definition of romanticism). I’m rather cynical and I like to call things by their names. Walking over the bridge with the thousand of love-locks made me wonder. By the way for those who haven’t heard about love-locks: Sweethearts from all over the world lock a padlock on a bridge to symbolize and “lock” their love forever by throwing the key in the river. It became a trend all over Europe, so there are love-locks in various locations. Come on…seriously? Be careful what you wish for. What happens if at some point you discover that your sweetheart is not so sweet after all and that most probably he has placed another 10 love-locks around the world for another 10 women?? Are you stuck with him for ever? Or do you fly back all the way from another continent to unlock it and get him out of your hair? And how do you find the key? In my case, I can’t even swim (I revealed my secret)! Too much hassle! And it sounds rather desperate…

However, for those who have done so, good luck!!

Enough with the talking. Time for uploading!

Beanie and heels: ZARA
Dress: Forever 21 Vienna
Coat: Vintage
Purse: Lancel

Till the next one....