Thursday, May 15, 2014


Such a tiring day today…I can barely keep my eyes open. Too tired to even sleep. Do you ever get that feeling?  I just made my coffee (yes, I can have a coffee any time without messing with my sleep) and I decided to write a quick post before passing out!

I always keep my threats! So this is the 3rd  (all right all right and the last!) post from Strasbourg!

It was our last night there so we decided to dress up a little bit (since the weather was nice I though it might be my only chance to wear my lighter outfits). Our hotel was within walking distance from the city center so I didn’t mind wearing heels!

We had dinner at a very cozy restaurant, the “ La corde a ligne” and we took a long walk (until my feet started to hurt me ) and we decided to call it a night before I had to take my shoes off and walk back to the hotel barefoot!

I was secretly hoping to run into that rat again. My good friend Laura who loves all creatures says that I should give it a second chance. Her exact words were: “It’s not fair! You thought it was cute when you were under the impression that it was a castor. Does it make it less cute just because you realized it was a rat? It’s just a name!”

Maybe she is right. Then again….ewwwwww…….whatever!!

I think I fell asleep for a second and I still have to upload the photos (it takes some time when your computer is not that fancy!!)

Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Oh, and I changed the font because my sister said the previous one was tiring and difficult to read. I wouldn’t want to tire you!…

Talk to you tomorrow (I just said that didn’t I? zzzzzzzzzz……sleeping)

Skirt: Zara
Top: H&M
Purse: San Lorenzo Firenze

Till the next one...