Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Because I'm happy...!!

Well hello there!!

I haven't been very faithful to you lately. It's been a busy month! But I'm here again! With more "Summery"posts!

I think that this time, Summer is here to stay! No more weather surprises! So it's safe to put those woolen clothes away (it was about time) and dig out your shorts!

I was never a huge fan of short pants. Short skirts? Yes! But pants...I don't just wasn't my thing. But since last Summer I've decided that I love them!! I don't know what happened. It's just one of those things that hit you without an obvious reason. Like with pink color. I used to hate it and I thought I wouldn't be seen dead in it BUT surprisingly it's become one of my faves lately, I guess people do change...

Today I was in a playful mood! Having been to the beach a couple of times already, I decided that I was tanned enough for my first skimpy outfit.

So baby blue short jeans and bright orange tank top for today!!

Summer is here so let's enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!

Long knit kimono: Ioanna Kourbela
Shoes:  FOREVER 21 Paris
Purse: SAN LORENZO Firenze
Shades: Vintage-Firenze
Necklace: Vintage-Bratislava
Ring- Athens-gift from my lovely friend Laura <3

Till the next one...