Friday, August 4, 2017

The nude bikini

Hey howdy hi!!!!

Let me start off by saying that this summer, nude color is my new obsession! So a nude bikini had been on my list since the beginning of summer! Your initial reaction probably right now: NUDE BIKINI?? WON’T I LOOK NAKED?

To ease your mind let me tell you that when buying the perfect nude bikini you have to keep in mind 2 important things!! First the material (you don’t want it to be very thin because it will be see-through-NOT COOL). Second, you have to check your skin color before buying the right shade of nude. It should be a couple of shades lighter or darker than your skin otherwise you might look like you are naked indeed-NOT COOL EITHER.

Nude in general looks better on tanned skin so you might want to catch some rays before showing up at the beach in it.
I had never thought that I would love naked swimwear (I always thought that bright colors bring out your tan) but I became a huge fan. So embrace the trend and I’m sure you’ll change your mind too!

Currently loving my 2-piece swimsuit (which actually could be passed for a 1-piece because of the string that wraps all the way up to the top). I can mix and match it with other shades and materials of nude for different styles!

One last thing! Do not forget your SPF. Nude bikini on lobster skin will not be sexy!!

P.S Better with sound on! :-) 

Cheers loves!

Bikini top: FOREVER 21
Bikini bottoms: ASOS
Straw hat: Mykonos
Straw mule shoes: Mykonos
Bracelet: MANGO
Sarong: Italian flea market

Till the next one...