Friday, April 24, 2015

Cropped culottes

I am guessing that by now you must know that you must absolutely have a pair of culottes in your wardrobe right?? Why? Because they are the IT piece and because it looks so stylish! Don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the culotte’s pool! Ok, so you might think that you have to be at least 2m high to wear them successfully but this is not true! They look great on most women! You can wear them with heels or sneakers and be equally stylish! Just be a little careful if you are planning on wearing them with ankle boots. It might be the only case when height does matter a little because it will make your legs look shorter!

And while they look great worn with a simple top during the summer, they also work well with a snuggly sweater during winter!

So go out there and get yourself a pair. There are so many versions of these cropped wide leg pants! I am currently loving the denim version I found in Zara Paris!

Denim Culottes: Zara Paris
Heels: Zara Paris
Green cropped top: Victoria's Secret
Gray sweater: H&M Rome
Purse: Zara Cy
Pedant: H&M

Till the next one...