Sunday, May 17, 2015

Khaki never dies

Khaki is a trend that never dies! And this summer is even hotter! The truth is that it looks much better on tanned skin but oh well… it didn’t stop me from wearing it today.
A khaki piece in your wardrobe will always be an easy option and the answer to an effortlessly cool outfit.

Personally I also like the combination of khaki with white or gray. It is also easy to accessorize a khaki piece. I would wear it with gold or brown accessories and beige-nude shoes.

Another idea is to combine 2 different shades of khaki for a more interesting result! However, my favorite combination is khaki with denim. I just loooove that mix in the summer!

If you want to add a little bit of color in your khakis, do it with your purse! Pink, blue, yellow…

Today I wore it in a monochrome dress!

Khaki dress: H&M
Shoes: My design
Shades: Topshop