Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wild Wild West

I am so excited about today’s post! First of all I just looooove the song and second I am wearing one of my favorite accessories! My fedora-Amish style hat. I’ve always liked hats and I have all kinds of them! Beret, fedora, riding, panama, beanie! You name it, I have it!

Today I am wearing my fedora in a color that I absolutely love! The burgundy red! As I mentioned in my previous posts, burgundy is the season’s hot color not only in clothes but in makeup and accessories as well.
As you can see I was in a country mood today so I combined my hat with flare jeans, denim shirt and my classic poncho in pink!

Flare jeans look really nice with wide tops like ponchos or over sized t-shirts. For a more classic style, wear them with denim shirts or if you are feeling a little crazy, tie your shirt for a country-style girl look!

Have a good day loves!

Hat: Stradivarius
Jeans: ZARA
Purse: Suiteblanco
Denim shirt: ZARA
Pink Poncho: Handmade (for sale)

Till the next one...