Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wrap me up

Well well well…..

I haven’t been around a lot lately (super busy these days) and I have to say I’ve missed you dolls!

Needless to say that Summer is here to stay! And I couldn’t be happier! It’s officially my season (I’m a Cancer-we looooove summer).
So here I am all wrapped up! Today’s post is all about the wrap dress. Probably the only dress that flatters most body types!

Where do I start from? From silk to jersey, to long sleeves or no sleeves, from mini to maxi, from monochrome to wild prints? Infinite styles and infinite ways of wearing it.
I love that mid-length, floral version from Topshop (I am a big floral fan) with the contrast detail of the 2-pattern fabric mixture (also a big fan of pattern mixtures).
The retro style of the dress inspired me to wear it with my oldie (but favorite) pair of tan platforms.

May you all have a wonderful, fashionable, inspiring and happy summer!

Big kiss!



Till the next one...