Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I've got the blues

Blues… I don’t get it. Why did they choose this color to express depression, melancholy, sadness…?
Blue is such a happy color. So many beautiful things are blue! The sky, the see, the Danube!!!! Although Danube isn’t so blue after all.

Oh well, for me it will always be a color of optimism and positive thoughts. And I will… wear it whenever I can!

Like today. Even though the Summer months are coming to an end, the weather seems to disagree! We can still afford to wear bright colors and backless tops! Ok, so I have replaced my shorts with long trousers but who cares? The sun is shining and so is my soul…

Usually I do not like coordinated colors but sometimes I like wearing different shades of the same color. But I will still add a detail that will “break” the harmony of my combination. So my orange shoes did it!

3/4 pants and backless top: ZARA
Shoes: River Island Amsterdam
Palm bracelet: Parfois (My Mall Limassol)
Shades: Stradivarius

Till the next one...