Saturday, September 20, 2014

Desert Rose

During a recent trip to Larnaca, on the Southern coast of Cyprus, I couldn't help but notice the salt lake that was all dried out. So beautiful and mysterious. I new instantly where my next post would be shot!

I’m a huge lover of my island… I think we have so many beautiful places that we don’t even pay attention to! Places that most of us see on a daily basis but we never really “see” them.

I woke up feeling relaxed and thankful for the beautiful day. I was in the mood to wear my mini frill skirt with a sporty top! I love that skirt. Grey is one of the colors you can wear anytime! Day and night. Summer and Winter. Casual or formal. It’s all in the combination according to the occasion.

Although I chose to wear heels today, I would also love this outfit with sneakers!

As I’m reading my blog now and listening to “Dessert Rose”  I feel like I was somewhere exotic!

Remember my friend… our brain is the most powerful organ. It can take you anywhere.

Today I was in Sahara….

P.S Special thanks to my photographer for the salty shoes he ended up

Skirt: Zara
Top: Bershka
Purse: MCM -
Jockey: Adidas
Shoes: Aldo
Shades: Asos

Till the next one...