Saturday, November 5, 2016

Polka dots

Hello again my lovely girls!

Polka dots for you today! The print that our mothers and grandmothers used to drape us in when we were kids. And which we probably hated! Like so many other things that we used to hate as kids but loved as grown ups!

Ok, it might not be the easiest pattern to wear ( it adds on your figure) but it remains a classic Italian-style pattern and that does it for me! Of course there are many versions of polka dot clothes so you have to be a little careful if you don’t want a “cheesy” result!

Sophia Loren is one of my idols and she was nailing the polka dots. She was all about the elegant polka dot midi dresses and high waist trousers with polka dot shirts!
The key to wearing polka dots (without the risk of looking like you are stuck in your 10-year-old self) is to take them from their retro setting into today’s, adding your own touch to it.

Today I tried my version in a short, shirt-like dress in one of my favorite colors, the burgundy. I combined it with my suede ankle boots (ankle boots are making a huge comeback this winter) and I walked the streets of my beloved Florence in confidence!!!

Dress: Beayukmui Firenze 

Ankle boots: H&M

White cardigan: Peacocks

Till the next one...