Monday, October 31, 2016

Gypsy meets Italian

Ciao pambole! (hello dolls!!)

Today’s post must be one of my favorites! It combines two styles that I love. The Gypsy and the Italian style. How can these 2 styles be combined? But of course with the more glamorous version of the kaftan dress. The all time classic kaftan dress is primarily loose, free-flowing robe that appeals to all tastes as it is simple and adaptable with an exotic gypsy touch!

Usually we associate this garment with summer but there are so many versions that they can be appropriate for cooler weather as well.

I got this black kaftan-dress from my latest trip to Mykonos and I knew that it was one of those pieces in my wardrobe that I would wear to death! First of all it’s black, which automatically gave me ideas on how to wear it in cooler weather (ideal for our fall weather in Cyprus). Secondly, the minute I tried it on I fell in love with the free-flowing fabric that was so comfortable.

Today, since I was in Italy, I decided to give it a touch of glamour by compensating with my “tango” style heels and my new handmade clutch bag.

And of course as a “color combination lover”, I matched my coral heels with blue earrings and my ethnic style bag.
Remember, there are no real rules in dressing if it makes you feel good…

Kaftan: Achilleas Accessories Mykonos
Shoes: ASOS
Clutch bag: Handmade-for orders message:

Till the next one...