Sunday, December 4, 2016

In embroidered we trust!

Well hello hello there my dolls!

I hope you had a creative and fashionable weekend!
Today I will be focusing on a trend that I’m sure you all know! (if you are a red-carpet watcher you definitely know about it already). EMBROIDERY!
Embellishments, beading and embroidery have been around for a good while now. Good news for me!! I looooveeee embroidered clothes. I was even embroidering my own clothes in the past! I used to decorate them with little flowers, beads or even painting them.
The trend applies to almost anything!! From bags, to shoes, to jackets and of course on all types of fabric. And surprisingly on leather as well! It softens up the “traditionally rebellious” nature of leather as we know it!
Like this skirt I am wearing today. Love at first sight… Look how a simple A-line leather skirt is immediately transformed with embroidered flowers!
I know that I have told you many times there are no rules in dressing as long as it makes you feel good! However, a small piece of advice (always in my opinion). Do not overdo it! One piece at a time! (ok maybe 2 if it’s on a purse or shoes), otherwise your outfit will be too “loud”.

I combined my mini skirt with a tail tuxedo jacket, a piece I got from one of my trips to Brussels and which I love because it’s elegant and more interesting than most of my plain blazer jackets.

So a total black outfit interrupted by a dash of colorful embroidered flowers……

Leather skirt: Stradivarius
Knitted top: Tezenis
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Purse: H&M
Earrings: H&M