Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Morning!

My dear friends!

Cheers to a Happy New Year. I wish you a full life of the mind exhilarated by new ideas and intoxicated by love!! This year rise above the little things, change what you don’t like and enjoy the company of people you love as much as you can!

I am particularly happy as this is my first post for 2017 and I look forward to a year full of inspiration and creativity, not only in fashion but in all aspects of life.
How beautiful was it that we had a white Christmas this year? I’m sure we all froze but I’m also positive that we have all enjoyed it.

Today I was inspired by what seemed as a sunny morning (which suddenly changed causing me to run in the rain trying to find a place to hide!)

So the morning mood called for floral! Floral is a big trend this winter. We saw it on the runway in maxi dresses combined with boots and wintery cardigans! Today I chose this long sleeve mid-length dress with 2 front splits (I love double splits) and I combined it with my gray over-the-knee boots and long mohair cardigan. I like the contrast of the seemingly summerish colors of the dress and the dullness of gray.

My advice to you for the New Year: Try new things, experiment, don’t be afraid to change. Nothing changes if nothing changes…….

And then the rain hits....

Dress: ASOS
Boots: ASOS
Cardigan: ZARA
Purse: Flo-Reinza

Till the next one...