Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stylish Friends Part 4: IT'S A BOY!!!

Hello again sunshines!

I am super excited today and I think it is obvious why!! It’s a boyyyy!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen! It’s a “first” for my blog and I’m loving the idea! My model for today is my stylish Brother in Law, Marios, whom I love to the moon and back!! (Theodore *-my other beloved Brother in Law-* I love you tooooooooooo  and hope to feature you in my blog soon).  

 I think I have neglected our gentlemen (I’m sure I must have some male readers-even out of curiosity to see what us women are up to!!) so I have decided to feature some stylish men and to give them the credit they deserve. Because who said that fashion is just about us girls? It might be “mostly” about women but it’s definitely not an exclusive privilege.

Having said all the above, I would like to state my personal opinion on guys who are “too much” into fashion (If I may use the term “too much” cause everyone has a different definition of fashion).  In general, women want their significant other to have some style and fashion sense. Some might even complain that their guys dress too casually or that they don’t care enough about their appearance. But really, how much is too much??
Let’s just say that you meet a guy whose shoe and clothes collection is bigger than yours, how would you react?

A) Run as fast as you can. That’s just not right at all! I could never be with a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than I do!

B) Well….I guess it’s ok…but still…kind of strange.

C) Yeeyyyy I’m in love!!! Match made in heaven. We are both such fashion lovers!

Hmmmm. I am bouncing in between A and B…. Maybe I’m old school but I like men to look effortlessly cool like Marios!! I do not like it when they look like they have tried too much to achieve a “perfect” look or when they spend hours trying to figure out what to wear to go out. This is something women do and that’s why we need men to balance things out! (I have to tell you that I admire my man’s patience with me! It takes him like 10 minutes to get ready and another hour to wait for me to get ready. Did I mention that I start getting ready an hour before him?? Love you baby).

Anyway I’ve said too much. Time to enjoy our super stylish and effortlessly sexy boy for today!!!

P.S Despite his wild looks he is a super gentle soul and mostly a gentleman!! Because that never goes out of fashion! 

Jeans,Shirt, T-Shirt and shoes: REPLAY
Leather jacket: Energie

Till the next one...