Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cuffed Jeans

Women (and men!) have been rolling their jeans for decades with various levels of success! However, cuffed jeans have made a comeback so celebrities and fashionistas are rolling up and walking in style!
I prefer cuffing the wide legged jeans as it gives you an effortless style and looks equally cool with heels or flats, but you can pretty much roll any type of jeans.

Rolling your jeans highlights your shoes, so make sure to wear the right pair for the occasion!
You can wear it with an over sized jumper and sneakers or with heels, t-shirt and a loose cardigan for a slightly more sophisticated version.

So roll up and walk in style girls!

Jeans: The Vintage Company
Shoes: New Look
Cardigan: Sheinside
White top: Zara
Purse: Lancel Paris
Necklace: LA Lanidor
Watch: D&G

Till the next one...