Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All whites

Sometimes in life, in our attempt to differentiate we somehow forget the most simple things in life. We care too much about what other people say or think about us.

But guess what?? Simplicity is the glory of expression! When was the last time you had REAL fun at the beach? Rolling in the sand and feeling like a child again? This is MY idea of the beach....No fancy sunbeds, no expensive bathing suits and shades that you are almost scared to get wet!

"Flip flops are mandatory,!
Hang up the beach towel and soak up the sunshine! Built sandcastles, catch a wave...write your name in the sand!Run wild, barefoot and free!!!!"

Put on your whites and let the blue carry you away.

Athletic bikini top: H&M
Bandeau bikini top: H&M
Bikini bottoms: Golden Point Rome
Kimono: Ioanna Kourbela
Earrings: Accessories
Shades: ASOS
Beach bag: FOX

Till the next one...