Monday, August 18, 2014

Mom's vintage

Vintage clothes are very much in fashion and very very stylish if you know how to wear them. And they have an even more special meaning if they belonged to a person you love. Like your grandmother, favorite aunt or your beloved mother!

I am a vintage-lover, so in my blog you will see me wearing vintage clothes very often!
My MOST favorite vintage piece is a white triangle fringed cape which belonged to my mom. When I discovered it in her closet a few years ago I was soooo excited! Of course she gave it to me with lots of love so every time I wrap myself in it I feel a wave of love!! Thank you mom! Love you. Keep them coming :-)

Triangle capes are the best option for a Summer chilly night! They remind me of Sophia Loren or Monica Bellucci! So Italian!

They are not too heavy (unless they are made of thick wool, but usually they are crochet) and they look very nice with shorts!

If you can't find one, they are very easy to make!! You can find patterns online and have your mom or grandmother make it for you! I am planning on having my mom make one for me in baby blue!

You can also wear them on top of short summer dresses and flat shoes, or with high heels for a sassy look!

White triangle fringe cape: Vintage
Shoes: Forever 21 Paris
White top: ZARA
Earrings: vintage
Purse: Suiteblanco Mall of Cyprus
Rings: 1st: Accesories, 2nd Topshop, 3rd H&M

Till the next one...