Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fray hem jeans

 Hello butterflies!

Is summer approaching fast or is it just me? See, this is the thing with Cyprus weather…You go to bed on a winter night and you wake up to a summer day! The transition is kind of sudden and often finds us a little unprepared. We suddenly throw away our jacket and we put on our swimsuit. And usually we have to go back a forth a couple of times before we stick to a season for good. Scottish shower! And of course we end up with the perfect flu (and everything that comes with it-sneezing-coughing- fever blah blah….).
Well this is one of those days. I left the house wearing my jeans and short sleeve t-shirt. By lunchtime I wore my leather mid-sleeve, cropped jacket and by dinner time I was….sick!
And speaking of jeans, the catwalks bring us new ways of wearing them every season. This season I spotted around the frayed hem jeans. I was skeptical about buying them because the 5/6 length is not the most flattering for those who are vertically ….challenged. I’m no midget or something, but I’m not 1.80 either! I knew I liked the trend but I also knew I would probably want to wear them with heels. So I did! The other option would be flat sandals but not just yet… However if you are 1.80 tall you can wear them with sneakers as well. Even though I see many shorter women wearing this length with sneakers, personally it’s not my best!

So find your style and adapt the trend!

P.S Excuse the poor quality of the photos-new lenses needed.

Jeans, shoes and t-shirt: ZARA
Jacket: Stradivarius 
Shades: H&M
Bracelets: MANGO

Till the next one...